handraiLIT in Rosshäuserntunnel

LED handrail handraiLIT in the Rosshäuserntunel

With nearly 100.000 LED lights the Rosshäuserntunnel now shines brighter than before.

The in-house developed LED-handrail „handraiLIT“ was launched successfully in the Rosshäuserntunnel on November 14th, 2017. With nearly 100.000 LED lights the Rosshäuserntunnel now shines brighter than before. The LED-handrail will in future serve as escape route and orientation lighting in case of emergencies.

Moreover, the LED-handrail will provide additional illumination on site for the upcoming construction phases.

This project is to date the largest in which the “handraiLIT” was used. With the application of the latest LED technology, a very bright illumination is achieved with low energy usage - below 0,6W/m and indispensable for an economical continuous operation of the product.

The durability of the system was a particular focus point of the layout of the lighting. This way the LED´s can be operated substantially below the admissible rated output, which increases the durability of the lighting elements significantly. The natural aging process of LED-lights requires a slight oversizing of the system, because the brightness decreases over time. The LED-handrail is designed to exceed the minimal lighting strength so that even the smallest maintenance works can problem-free be carried out. The relevant safety illumination strength is still exceeded even in the unlikely event of failure of an operating system. This function is enabled through a redundant LED-layout.

To guarantee the highest possible reliability, an error message is sent to the rail operator in case of e.g an operating system breakdown. The rail operator is then able to resolve the malfunction immediately; and maintenance and service costs can be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the niche lighting provides ideal illumination should works be required on various systems in the tunnel niches. The niche lighting is connected to the LED-handrail system without requiring additional cabling.

Project Facts

  • 4,2 km LED-handrail
  • 1.900 LED-rails
  • 7 niches‘ lighting
  • 48 stainless steel supply cabinets, each with two 24V power supply units
  • 11 lx medium illuminance
  • 6 lx medium illuminance in case of a power supply failure